Zune To Add Video Sharing Feature

Zune Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft plans to add a video sharing feature to the Zune player but won't say when that will happen.
Microsoft Corp. plans to add a video-sharing feature to its Zune player and will eventually sell a model that combines the device with a phone, Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer said.

The video function would probably be used to transfer content created by Zune customers, Ballmer said in an interview today from Redmond, Washington. He declined to comment on when Microsoft, the world's largest software maker, would add video sharing or announce a phone model.

Zune goes on sale tomorrow for $249.99 as Microsoft tries to break into the $4 billion U.S. market for portable music devices. Ballmer pointed to Zune's wireless connection, currently used for music sharing, as an advantage over Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod, which has 75 percent of U.S. sales. New features will help Microsoft keep pace with Apple, he said.

``The race is on,'' he said. ``I'm confident we can keep up. They have brand and image going for them, and we have some innovative ideas.''
Zune does have WiFi and a social function but you will need to find someone with another Zune player to test it. Engadget is anxious for someone to try it. Engadget writes, "Which is why we're dying to know how long it takes the average Zune user to actually get, uh, "social" with his or her new player -- will it be weeks, or even months, before you run into someone else with one?"

A News.com article says Microsoft is waiting to hear from Zune users as to where to go next with its iPod competitor. Apple Matters doesn't like Zune's pricing plan. For more Zune news try Zune Insider, Cliczune and Zunerama. Meanwhile, TechCrunch has a post about how to put YouTube videos on your video iPod.

Posted on November 14, 2006

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