World Cup Blog Roundup

Here are some highlights from the blogosphere about the World Cup. If you are looking for the post with the World Cup blog links it can be found here.

  • Defeated by Ghana: USA needed a win but didn't get it.
  • Check out the World Cup gadgets and software tools. Engadget also looks at World Cup technology.
  • Dayorama is offering daily World Cup coverage. Ollie also started the DayoRimet after Dayorama fans nagged him by email for World Cup coverage: "On the right hand side of the homepage for the duration of the competition we'll be keeping score between the BBC and ITV coverage -- who'll get more goals? And every day I'll be posting a DayoRimet round-up of worthwhile World Cup tidbits I've found." The BBC is ahead of ITV as of this writing.
  • A very special thanks to Pravda for creating this article: Nostradamus predicts Spain as the winner of World Cup 2006.
  • Mark Evans explains how the Slingbox is useful.
  • Slashdot is discussing fears of an Internet meltdown caused by people streaming World Cup video.
  • A few international World Cup perspectives: Blogging Africa's World Cup, The Lusosphere and Turkey is Typing. The World Cup Blog also has a blog for every team such as the Brazil World Cup Team Blog.
  • Female World Cup viewership soars in the UK.
  • reports that Franklin Foer, the Editor of the New Republic and the author of How Soccer Explains The World, is also blogging about the World Cup.
  • Online game: Can you score a goal on Italy's great goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon?
  • High-Tech Socceroos: How good were the Socceroos against Brazil? They lost but at least the Socceroos are tech savvy.
  • A very interesting Adidas World Cup ad in Germany.
  • Jack Kemp praises Soccer. (via WorldViews)
  • The World Cup Blog is hosting a photo and video contest. Prizes include Umbro soccer balls.
  • The Simon chooses Soccer in a well-written essay: "Many American sports fans think the World Cup is too boring. But the drama and athletic skill are unparalleled -- and there aren't so many stupid commercials, either."
  • There is no Naked World Cup. It's a nasty worm trick!
  • Thai Monks succumb to World Cup hangovers. Thai Monks aren't the only people staying up late.
  • World Cup Blog Buzz: BlogPulse finds that the Germany, England, Brazil and Italy teams are generating the most buzz. BlogPulse also says the most cited World Cup sources are, the BBC News and Sports Illustrated. (via Blogspotting)
  • explains why goalies hate the new World Cup soccer ball.
  • There's a little love for World Cup mascot Goleo. There are about 600 Goleo posts according to Tecnorati.
  • Search Engine Journal explains Google's Soccer Scores plug-in for the Google Desktop.
  • Beijing Blogger Dong Lu has received over 10 million hits for his Chinese World Cup blog. (via The Blogging Times)
  • Coke has people blogging about the World Cup at We All Speak Football. Remember the Torino Conversations from the Olympic blogs? (Thx Blogspotting)
  • Japan won the World Cup!. No, not that World Cup. C'mon everyone knows the robots also have their own World Cup.
  • Some soccer sites may be hazardous to your PC. Sites about the Angolan team are the most likely to contain malware according the to they study. The danger appears to primarily be in screensaver websites.
  • Soccer: Seven ways to make people think you care.

  • Posted on June 22, 2006

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