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  • Cheezburger Network Cuts 24 Jobs (April 30, 2013): The Cheezburger Network, best known for its LOL Cats, has cut 24 jobs. This is about 35% of its workforce.

  • Facebook Addresses Issue of Employers Requesting Facebook Logins (March 23, 2012):

  • WebMediaBrands Buys Inside Network, Publisher of Inside Facebook (May 15, 2011):

  • Conde Nast Shutters Blog Network Few Knew Existed (December 18, 2008):

  • Profane Blogging Gets Washington Post Writer Fired (April 18, 2008):

  • New York Times: Blogging is Dangerous (April 6, 2008):

  • From Stripper to Blogger to Screenwriter (December 1, 2007):

  • LinkedIn Adds Professional Photos (September 28, 2007):

  • Nintendo Employee Fired Over Personal Blog (September 26, 2007):

  • Blog Provides Look Inside the Offices of Web Companies (August 11, 2007):

  • Study Finds Companies Firing Employees for Leaving Blog and Forum Comments (July 20, 2007):

  • Blog Launched to Help Departing SF Chronicle Employees (June 8, 2007):

  • Study Finds 39% of Bloggers Admit to Blogging Harmful Comments (May 24, 2007):

  • Blogging Can Get You Hired (April 11, 2007):

  • Shiny Media Gets $4.5 Million in Funding (January 29, 2007):

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