Wordpress Outage Reported

Search Engine Journal is reporting (thx Blog Herald) a outage.
In what may just be an Easter fluke, it seems that the entire Blog Network is down for the day, and has been dead for at least an hour. The outage comes after complaints from some blog owners (including SEJís Greg Sterling) that posts placed over the past day were lost. blogs are currently giving the following message about an "unplanned emergency" and helper bunnies.
Hello folks. We're doing a little unplanned emergency maintainance to some systems that were causing problems over the past few weeks. Your blog will be unavailable for a few more minutes while we get everything situated. Relax and enjoy this Easter Sunday morning, and know that everybunny at is working their butts off to get your blog back online. ó Matt and the team
You can currently see the message on Wordpress blogs like Robert Scoble's and Chartreuse's. Wordpress problems are also being discussed on the Lines from a Floating Life blog. It sounds like the VC money just raised will be very useful.

Posted on April 16, 2006

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