Videos and Video Sharing

Vine Launches Vine Kids App (February 15, 2015): Vine has launched an app called Vine Kids

Report: Startups Trying to Lure YouTube Stars Away From YouTube (December 9, 2014): A report in the Wall Street Journal says startups and Facebook are trying to lure YouTube talent away from YouTube.

Google+ to Power YouTube Comments (September 25, 2013): YouTube has announced that it is upgrading the comment system on YouTube. The comment will be pwoered by the Google+ service starting this week to allow threaded discussion.

Instagram Adds Video Sharing Feature (June 20, 2013): Instagram has added a video sharing feature. The new tech will help Instagram compete with Twitter and YouTube.

YouTube Announces One Billion Monthly User Mark (March 21, 2013):

YouTube Adds Video Editor (September 18, 2011):

YouTube Alters YouTube Music Page (August 22, 2011):

YouTube Sends Copyright Abusers to Copyright School (May 18, 2011):

YouTube Lets Users Mark Videos as Unlisted (May 13, 2010):

YouTube to List Sources That Generate Lots of Video Views (April 9, 2010):

Vevo Quickly Dominates Online Music Videos (January 21, 2010):

YouTube Producer Gets $300 Million Contract (January 11, 2010):

YouTube Now Serving One Billion Video Views Daily (October 10, 2009): Offers Micro Video Blogging (October 6, 2009):

YouTube to Monetize Viral Videos (August 25, 2009):
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