VH1 Launches New Celebrity Blog Called Scandalist

VH1 has launched a new celebrity gossip blog called Scandlist. The blog kicks off with a long entry that details the top 100 celebrity scandals of all time. That's a good start but will the new blog be able to compete? It's not like there aren't already plenty of these types of blogs. That's probably why they went with the extensive top 100 celebrity scandals blog post - to give the blog a big kick-start.

VH1 already has a successful blog at covering games, music, movies and gossip. The launch follows on the growth of the VH1 Blog according to VH1. A press release says the VH1 Blog will continue to live on and will focus primarily on VH1's shows, artists and events. The press release says will include up-to-the-minute celebrity photos, interactive features and gossip and entertainment news. It also says original video will eventually be incorporated into the blog posts.

"After taking a look at how quickly we were able to grow the VH1 Blog on, we decided to look at ways we could go deeper with our blog coverage of pop culture and our VH1 shows and events separately," said Tom Calderone, President, VH1. "With a dedicated staff of writers, will serve as a distinct, yet complimentary site for fans of pop culture, entertainment news and all things celebrity."

Posted on August 6, 2008

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