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Twitter Changes Stars to Hearts and Favorites to Likes (November 3, 2015): Twitter has changed the icon used when favoriting a tweet from a star to a heart.

Sir Patrick Stewart Loves the Challenge of Twitter Restrictions (August 17, 2015): Sir Patrick Stewart talks about the beauty of Twitter restrictions and having to refine information to fit in 140 characters.

Two Mountains Read Your Tweets Aloud at the Mountains of Mouthness (May 23, 2015): The Mountains of Mouthness are mountains that will read tweets for you.

Twitpic to Shut Down on September 25th (September 4, 2014): Twitpic is shutting its virtual doors. The last day for the photo sharing site will be September 25th.

Billboard and Twitter Partner for Real-Time Music Charts (May 27, 2014): Billboard and Twitter have partnered for the Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts. The first chart is the Trending 140.

Twitter Starts Rolling Out Mute Feature (May 13, 2014): Twitter has added a mute feature

Amazon Offers Twitter Shopping With Amazon Cart Feature (May 5, 2014): Amazon is offeirng shopping on Twitter with its new Amazon Cart feature. The feature uses the #AmazonCart hashtag.

Twitter Acquires Gnip, a Social Data Provider (April 15, 2014): Twitter has acquired Gnip, a provider of social data.

Twitter Adds Emoji Support to Web Version (April 2, 2014): Twitter has added emoji support to its web version. There are now little graphics instead of empty boxes.

Ellen's Oscar Celebrity Selfie Becomes Most Retweeted Tweet (March 3, 2014): Ellen Degeners' Oscar celebrity selfie has become the most retweeted tweet of all time.

Twitter Reveals Top Retweeted Tweets of 2013 (January 1, 2014): Twitter has revealed the top tweets of 2013. The top three were all celebrity related.

Twitter Reveals Data About the U.S. Government Requests it Receives for User Information (August 4, 2013): Twitter has shared data about the types of requests it receives in the U.S. regarding user data.

Sharknado Movie Generates Entertaining Tweetstorm (July 12, 2013): Sharknade generates Tweetstorm. Tweeting about the show hit a peak of over 5,000 tweets per minute.

Hillary Clinton Joins Twitter (June 10, 2013): Hillary Clinton has joined Twitter. She thanks users asmith83 and sllambe in her first tweet.

Twitter Launches Two-Step Account Verification (May 22, 2013): Twitter has launched two-step verification for Twitter accounts. The two-factor authentication sends a six-digit code to the user's mobile phone.
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