Teens and Blogging

Student Sues Amazon For Deleting His Homework (July 30, 2009): A student is suing Amazon for deleting his homework. His notes were made in his digital copy of 1984 and deleted when Amazon remotely erased the book.

Non-Profit Group Uses Social Networks to Help Teens Fight Depression (September 13, 2008):

Mom and Dad Still May Want to Be Your Facebook Friend (March 9, 2008):

Parents, Roomates, College Bound Freshman and Facebook (August 9, 2007):

Study: Facebook Users More Likely to Attend College (June 25, 2007):

Gaia Online: An Escape For Teens (April 23, 2007):

School Will Suspend Students That Have a MySpace Profile (March 23, 2007):

Calvin Klein Targets Bloggers With New Fragrance (March 8, 2007):

Lost MySpace Passwords Not a Concern For Some Teens (January 11, 2007):

Teens Seek Social Networks With Less Rules (January 2, 2007):

Some Teens Bored of MySpace (October 29, 2006):

Friendster Versus Pimp MyYearbook (October 21, 2006):

Social Networks and Interpersonal Intelligence (October 10, 2006):

MySpace and Seventeen Magazine Launch Web Safety Campaign (September 30, 2006):

Government Fights War on Drugs With Blogs, Podcasts and YouTube (September 20, 2006):

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