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Reactions Coming Soon to Facebook as Like Button Alternative (January 27, 2016): Reactions are coming soon to Facebook to offer an alternative to the universal Like button.

Who's Down is a New Social App from Google (October 31, 2015): Who's Down is a new social app for Google for letting you know if you friends are available to do stuff.

Virtual Reality Facebook Demonstrated on Jimmy Kimmel (September 5, 2015):

Mark Zuckerberg Says 1 Billion People Used Facebook on Monday (August 28, 2015): Mark Zuckerberg says

Facebook Feature to Let Users Prioritize Pages to See First (July 9, 2015): Facebook is adding a new feature that will let users prioritize which friends and pages they want to see first.

Facebook Makes Slight Logo Alteration (July 1, 2015): Facebook has made a small alternation to its logo. The most noticeable difference is in the letter a.

Facebook is Shutting Down FriendFeed (March 9, 2015): Facebook is shutting dowen FriendFeed.

MySpace Still Gets 50 Million Monthly Visitors (January 16, 2015): MySpace still gets over 50 million visitors a month. The site also generated 300 million video views in November.

Facebook Adds AMBER Alerts (January 13, 2015): Facebook has announced it will be adding AMBER Alerts through a partnership with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

LinkedIn Wants More of Its Members Blogging (January 8, 2015): LinkedIn wants more of its members to blog and create content.

Bebo Returns as a Messaging App (December 30, 2014): Bebo is back as a messaging app for iOS and Android

Instagram Reaches 300 Million Monthly Users (December 10, 2014): Instagram says it now has over 300 million monthly users on its photo sharing site.

Google+ Now Lets Users Pin Posts (December 4, 2014): Google+ has added the pinned posts capability to Google+ pages.

Google to Shut Down Orkut on September 30, 2014 (July 1, 2014): Google has announced that it will close its Orkut social network. The site will close on September 30, 2014.

Google Joins Facebook Owned Instagram (May 19, 2014): Google has joined Instagram. The first entry shows the Rubki's cube game they posted today.
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