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Home | Plurk Links

Note: Some of these services listed below may ask for your Plurk password so proceed with caution. You can follow on Plurk here.

  • Feedtweeter, allows you to feed your plurk feed into Twitter

  •, updates multiple microblog services including Plurk and Twitter

  • MyPleeps, A Plurk blog by Charles Weber aka Thoughtwrong

  •, a pinging service that allows you to update Plurk, Twitter and other microblogging services simultaneously

  • Plurk Badges, a collection of Plurk badges you can put on your blog or website.

  • Plurk Faq, Plurk's official faq

  • Plurk Firefox Sidebar, A plugin for using Plurk mobile in a Firefox sidebar

  • Plurk How to Guide, a Plurk tutorial

  • Plurk Junkies Facebook Group, A Plurk users group on Facebook

  • Plurk Karma Trends, tracks a Plurk users karma as it goes up or down

  • Plurk Lurker Search, a Plurk search tool using Google Custom Search

  • Plurk Mobile, the homepage for the mobile version of Plurk

  • Plurk on Get Satisfaction, A page listing suggestions and problems. No official Plurk rep has signed on yet.

  • Plurk Press Page, Plurk's page of press coverage and Plurk resources

  • Plurk Tools List, a list of Plurk tools

  • Plurk Top Users List, A list of the top plurk users based on karma. Also shows top users by locations.

  • Plurk Wallpaper, desktop wallpaper for fans of Plurk created by pixojo

  • Plurk's blog, the official blog

  •, the magnificent Plurk website itself.

  • Plurkable, A blog covering the latest Plurk developments

  • Plurkair, a Plurk desktop client using Adobe Air

  • PlurkCast, The PlurkCAST is a weekly show highlighting discussion and news for

  • Plurkerati, a Plurk stats and search tool

  • Plurki: the Unofficial Plurk Wiki, a wiki where plurkers can share tips and ideas

  • Plurkit, an Adobe Air version of Plurk mobile

  • Plurkiverse, a blog about Plurk and the Plurk universe.

  • PlurkSync, PlurkSync is a Facebook application that updates your Facebook status to whatever your latest Plurk is.

  • Plurktionary, A Plurk dictionary and Plurk information website. Dedicated to all things Plurk.

  • rlplurkapi, an unofficial Plurk API

  • Unofficial Guide to Plurk, Contains useful Plurk tips, tricks and explanations.

  • Upside Down Text, post upside down text in Plurk

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