New York Times: Blogging is Dangerous

Posted on April 6, 2008

The New York Times has a story about how deadly blogging can be. The article mentions well-known bloggers who have suffered from heart attacks. It also says bloggers can suffer from weight loss, weight gain, sleep disorders, exhaustion and many other problems.

The New York Times deserves credit for stirring up the blogosphere but to pick on blogging as being dangerous to your health is unfair. Sitting for long periods of time isn't very good for the human body. That's what bloggers do. It's what writers and journalists did long before computers. It's also what millions of people around the world now do in the information age. The human body doesn't cope well with what people need to do to make a living in the information age - sit and type and move a mouse. This isn't a blogging problem - it is a widespread result of the information age.

Even so there are many industries such as mining or foresty that put workers at far greater risk than blogging does. Careerbuilder has a list of the most dangerous jobs. You won't find blogging on the list or on any other list of the world's most dangerous jobs.

What the Times article is really about is overworking - getting so caught up in your work that you ignore your health and damage your body. Hard workers in any industry tend to not sleep enough, not exercise enough and not eat right. This happens to lawyers, CEOs, accountants and bloggers. It's easy for a doctor or New York Times journalist to tell people they need to take it easy when they are trying to make a living - when they are trying to provide for their family. Still it is a message that resonates and it doesn't do you any good to work yourself so hard to you get seriously ill and/or die.

Om Malik - a blogger mentioned in the article who recently survived a heart attack - blogs about the Times story in this post titled " Relax, Chill and maybe Blog." It is worth reading for anyone that may be pushing it too hard.

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