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  • Bumper Stickers, Choose funny stickers to leave on your friends profile.

  • Emote!, Show off how you feel with a bazillion icons.

  • Fame, Discover how famous you are on MySpace and gain fame over your friends.

  • Flektor Slideshows, Choose from a ton of slideshow styles for your photos. .

  • Flixster Movies, Flixster Movies lets you see what your friends say about movies.

  • Fridge Magnets, Let friends leave you cool messages on your profile with Fridge Magnets

  • Friend Grid, Have a nice, clean grid view of all your MySpace friends right on your profile.

  • Graffiti, Draw graffiti for your friends.

  • Honesty Box, Honesty Box lets your friends send you anonymous messages.

  • iLike, Test your music knowledge and share music

  • imeem Music, Test your music knowledge and make a playlist of your favorite songs.

  • Kiss Me, Put a Kiss Me button on your profile and let people kiss you

  •, Shows the music you're playing in iTunes + other players, with your free account

  • Local Picks, Restaurant recommendations from your friends

  • Make a Baby, Make A Baby allows you to make adorable fantasy kids and change their gear. .

  • mEgo, Combine your personality with the latest graphics, animations and photo tools.

  • My Top Artists, Pick your favorite bands and get instant notification of shows coming to town.

  • Photo Shout Out, Add your own voice shout out to your pics, and send to friends.

  • Photobucket Top Pics, Top Pics lets you show off your favorite images and photos on your MySpace profile page

  • Picnik, Edit your MySpace pics without leaving MySpace.

  • Pix Wall, Pix Wall is a wall that you and your friends can all write on.

  • Music Video Playlists, Create a music video playlist with videos from the top music artists.

  • Quizzes by, Take quizzes, surveys, polls & personality tests.

  • Rides, Share your cars by creating Rides with a photo. Vote on Rides to see whose car ranks highest.

  • SlideTV, Share videos, photos, sketches, text messages and more.

  • Stick Family, Stick Family allows you to display a stick figure gallery of your family on your profile!

  • Stickerz, Choose from over 25,000 free stickerz to add your profile and show to your friends.

  • Stop Smoking QuitMeter, Calculate how long it has been since stopping, a count of cigarettes not smoked, and money saved.

  • SuperPoke, SuperPoke your friends! Hug, slap, kiss, or throw sheep!

  • TripAdvisor, Create an interactive travel map to share with your friends and help them plan their trips.

  • Weather, View local weather conditions and forecasts for your zip code.

  • Zombies, Bite your friends and make them zombies!

  • Zoosk, Zoosk is a dating application built for social network users.

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