Jessica-Lee Rose (Lonelygirl15) Appeared in KFC Commercial and Short Film

Silicon Valley Watcher has indentified the mysterious Lonelygirl15 (Bree) as Jessica Rose, an actress from New Zealand. Many have been on to the idea that the popular YouTuber is an actress.

But we think her full name is Jessica-Lee Rose. If you search within the Clyne Management website on Google you will find more information about a Jessica-Lee Rose on this cached page. It lists acting experience including formal training and work experience with a KFC commerican and a short film. Here is an excerpt from the page.
2004 - KFC - Extra

2004 - Dearly Beloved (New Zealand Short Film Academy, Directed by Leah Salvisan) -- Lead (Bride)
Update: Valleywag also has a video of Jessica Rose or Jessica-Lee Rose with her brunette friend. Another blog called Top of the Tube has also posted Rose's resume. The website, set up by Tom Foremski at SVW, has the first YouTube video to break the news. And there are more photos of Jessica Rose here on a site set up by YouTube user mgpapas.

Update 9-13-06

Bree update: The New York Times has an article about the reveal of Bree's identity.

The Times' Screen blog also has some information about Lonelygirl15 include a link to this MySpace page.

Chrispian at 451 Press, LLC also provided this link to the web forum where the creators of lonelygirl have already admitted this is a professional production. The ongoing discussion there includes links to more resources.

The good news for Lonelygirl15 fans is that the shows will continue according to an AP story
As far as what happens to Bree next or just how long "Season One" will last, the creators themselves are unsure.

The three are represented by Hollywood talent agency Creative Artists Agency, but say they have no immediate plans to make a Lonelygirl15 movie or TV show.

"We're moving forward and we want to keep doing what we've been doing," Beckett said.
They are all using equipment that anyone could use.
Despite suspicions that the videos were slickly produced, the creators say they use the same tools and resources available to others who regularly post videos on the Web.

The episodes are shot with a $130 Web camera and the lighting is provided by two desk lamps and a window. The sound comes from the Webcam's internal microphone.

"We're fans of this medium," Goodfried said. "It represents a shift from the content being in control of the big corporations to power being in the hands of the little guy who has a Webcam."

"We are the little guys," Beckett said.
That information should be enough to motivate others to attempt their own video fiction.

Update 9-15-06

Jessica Rose Jessica Rose was on MTV yesterday. She told MTV that she has received some positive feedback.
For the aspiring actress, her newfound attention has been all the more coincidental because of her initial reservations about appearing on the show.

"The project was pitched to me as being an Internet story. I was hesitant because [I thought], 'This is weird, this is the Internet. Who's going to watch this?' " Rose admitted. "I just graduated from acting school and my teachers were like, 'Just be careful. People are going to make things sound wonderful to you, and they're really not.' I didn't realize how big the Internet really was."

Just as the creators had hoped, that vast space has been filled with an emerging community dedicated to lonelygirl15. Rose says she's received copious feedback from across cyberspace.

"I've had so many positive e-mails sent to me. People were concerned that I was going to be getting hate mail, which I haven't," she said. "All of their e-mails are like, 'I'm sorry for all the hate mail that you must be getting.' And I'm like, 'I'm not. There's none.' I've had so many positive and lovely messages, so it's been really nice."
A clip from the MTV appearance can be found here on YouTube. YouTube also has lots more if you run a Jessica Rose search.

Posted on September 12, 2006

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