Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina

We covered Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Wilma here on in 2005. These powerful hurricanes caused widepread damage and destruction. Hurricane Katrina is well-known for the destruction and loss of life it caused in New Orleans and along the northern Gulf coast. Much of Katrina's descruction was caused by its powerful storm surge.

Our coverage in 2005 included links to blogs covering the deadly hurricanes, news articles and hurricane resources. We are no longer covering hurricanes on Bloggers Blog and the previous roundups we posted have been removed as most of the links no longer functioned. A lot of the blogs and resources we linked to at the time are no longer available. However, we have provided some good Hurricane Katrina resources below as well as links to help you find the hurricane information you need. Keeping up with the storms today is much easier than it was in 2005 thanks to social media.

Hurricane Katrina Resources Hurricane Katrina, Include satellite imagery.

NOAA Hurricane Katinra report (PDF file)

NOLA's Hurricane Katrina coverage.

Katrina's storm surge, information about Kartina's sotrm surge from Weather Underground.

Wikipedia Hurricane Katrina page.

Hurricane Resources

Accuweather Hurricanes, hurricane coverage from AccuWeather.

Forecast Blog, covers weather with a focus on hurricanes

@hurricanes Twitter, covers Atlantic hurricanes

National Hurricane Center (NHC) - covers Eastern Pacific and Atlantic hurricanes

@weather Twitter

Weather Underground Hurricanes Hurricane Central, hurricane coverage from The Weather Channel

Photo: NOAA


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