Hurricane Rita Blogs and News Coverage

Katrina is intensifying and is now a category four storm. The Houston Chronicle has launched a blog for Hurricane Rita., a local Houston television network is also blogging. Many other bloggers have also turned their focus on dangerous Hurricane Rita. Here is a list of some of the blogs and resources. Update: Rita is now a category five storm

Houston: Rita blog | KHOU blog | H-Town Blogs | BlogHouston | Click2Houston | 104 KRBE Blog | Lone Star Times | Is Full of Crap | Generation Why | Jonathon Watmough | The Road Home Blog

Galveston: Liberty's Blog, Galveston County Daily News | Smoke on the Water | Galveston | Houston-Galveston Area Emergency Blogger Network | Guidry Online News Station

Dallas: DFW Blogs | | Star-Telegram | Dallas |

Beaumont: Under the News | Beaumont Enterprise

Corpus Christi: KRISTV Blog

Lake Charles, LA: NWS Lake Charles Rita Blog, KPLC-TV, Lake Charles News

Weather Blogs: Foots Forecast | Storm Track | Dr. Jeff Masters | SciGuy | Weather Channel Blog | WeatherBlog | Storm Digest | Accuweather blog | Hurricane Harbor | Steve Gregory's Wunderground Blog | KRBC Weather Blog |

Other Blogs: | Stormwatchers | | Blogs of War | Cajun County Blog | Lake Livingston Rita Blog | Common Hades

Gas Prices: The Oil Drum | Refineries in Rita's Path

Other Resources: National Hurricane Center | Texas Text Weather Page | CNN's Rita tracker | Wikipedia | Flash Hurricane Tracker | Yahoo Full Coverage

Potential Impact on Texas Coast and Houston:
  • Houston Chronicle feature on possible Houston hit.
  • Serpent's Coil video
  • Galveston 1900 Hurricane
  • Hurricane Carla

    Maps: Google Maps Galveston : Google Maps Houston | MSN Virtual Earth Galveston | Houston Chronicle Evacuation Map | Evacuation and Risk Maps | Skeetobite Forecast Maps | Texas Population Map | Louisiana Population Map | Interactive NY Times Graphic | Google Map Plot of Rita

    Photos: Flickr | Flickr Interesting | Buzznet | CBS News Photos | CNN Photos | Slideshow | Photo Gallery | Rita Photos | NOAA Satellite Images | Rita Images Blog

    Some of the blogs covering Hurricane Katrina are also covering Hurricane Rita. Our Hurricane Katrina links post is located here.

    Note: We will update this post from time to time with new Rita-related blog links. More Rita coverage can be found in our Hurricane Rita section.

    Updated 9-28-05 to add NOAA Satellite Images, Google Map Plot of Rita, Lake Livingston Rita Blog, Rita Images Blog, Common Hades

  • Posted on September 21, 2005

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