How Much Do Bloggers Make?

A recent Page Six article reports on what top bloggers like Matt Drudge and Jim Romenesko are making:
HOW much is a blogger worth? While Matt Drudge brags he makes close to seven figures from his, even the little-known, academically-inclined Jim Romenesko is making serious coin from the Poynter Institute in Tampa, Fla. According to the rival Web site, "haughty media blogger" Romenesko is paid $170,000 a year, which works out to $680 a day (figuring 250 work days annually). The tabloid-detesting Romenesko wouldn't confirm or deny the number, but told us: "Money is deposited into my checking account every other week, and I'm happy for that." And we're happy he's happy.
If these numbers are accurate then it sounds like some of the top bloggers with very heavy traffic are doing pretty well for themselves. This would be consistent with an April post here on that said blogger payments are tied to traffic.

Posted on June 30, 2005

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