Google Launches Custom Search

Google has launched the Google Custom Search Engine. The new service that lets anyone build their own search engine using the websites they want. You can also configure the Google custom search engines so that other people can help submit websites to it. AdSense members can also include their AdSense code. The new tool is definitely new competition for Swicki and Rollyo. Search Engine Watch calls the new search tool custom search with a "social twist."
But what is perhaps most interesting about the new Custom Search is that publishers (large or small) can allow anyone or selected colleagues, friends or community members to contribute to that index. For example, if I own a site dedicated to stamp collecting and have a group of regular contributors or trusted readers I can allow those individuals to contribute their selections to this index. This gives the index the ability to evolve and grow over time -- and makes it "social."
Here are some search tests and comments about Google Custom Search from bloggers.

  • We quickly set up a celebrity gossip blog search as an example. Our site set up a gadget search engine. Specialized niches and networks of city blogs and newspapers would probably also work very well.
  • RealClimate has built a specialty search engine of top climate and global warming resources.
  • Engtech has created a lifehack search engine.
  • GrapeJooz created a Wine Search Engine. It can be found on the left of the GrapeJooz blog.
  • Vik Singh blogs about how he built Tech Stuff.
  • Scobleizer points to the numerous Techmeme entries and says, "Wow, the blogs are going nuts about this."
  • Cybernet explains how quick it is to set up a search engine but thinks the idea could wear off quickly.
  • PCWorld's Techlog built one to search sites with content about Palm's Treo smartphones.
  • Silicon Valley Watch blogs that allowing all users to contribute could be "a recipe for spammers."
  • Blog Search Engine has changed to a Google Co-op powered search index.
  • Google Blogoscope writes about a Google Custom Search test.
  • Greg Linden built a search engine that will search for answers.
  • Lucy Gray at A Teacher's Life created a custom search engine for her students.
  • The Bermuda Blog built a Bermuda Search Engine.
  • Untangled on the Edge builds one for the social entrepreneurship field.
  • Scripting News was surprised they support OPML.
  • You Are Number 6 created a search engine for Apache Ant.
  • Marketing Shift laughs at the TOS.
  • Manthan built on Oracle search tool.
  • Christina's LIS Rant created a scholarly search.
  • Putch is a Google Custom search that was built to exclude spam sites. (via Monkey Bits)
  • Mpul has set up a Google search covering Python, Philosophy and investment.
  • Arun Sapireddy blogs about building a digital camera search tool.
  • Punny Money made a personal finance blog search.

  • Posted on October 24, 2006

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