George Bush No Longer a Miserable Failure?

There are some blog headlines today (see here and here) that say President George Bush is no longer a miserable failure. But before bloggers at blogs like Blogs for Bush think Bush's approval rating has suddenly surged and get excited they should read this post from Google.

Nothing has changed with the President's low approval rating. What has changed is that Google has added a new algorithm that makes Googlebombing impossible or at least much more complex. One of the most famous Googlebombs was the miserable failure Googlebomb. When the phrase "miserable failure" was searched on Google the top result was a link to the page. Now the results for miserable failure are just links to articles and posts discussing the miserable failure Googlebomb like this BBC article and the Wikipedia entry. People may once again find a way to create Googlebombs but this has at least temporarily defused Googlebombs and should reduce the large number of political Googlebombs we probably would have seen during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Posted on January 26, 2007

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