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Facebook News

  • Facebook Ends Its Facebook Email Service (February 25, 2014): Facebook has decided to end its Facebook email service. Facebook says most people were not using it.

  • Facebook Now Lets Publishers Embed Public Posts (August 21, 2013): Facebook is now letting publishers embed public posts onto its blogs and websites.

  • Mark Zuckerberg Calls PRISM Reports Outrageous (June 7, 2013): Mark Zuckerberg has called PRISM outrageous in a new post on his Facebook page.

  • Study Finds Facebook Likes Can Reveal Personality Traits (April 22, 2013):

  • Social Network Photo War Begins Just Before the Holidays (December 8, 2012):

  • Facebook and Twitter Launch Dueling Election Tools (August 27, 2012):

  • Clara Shih Talks Facebook's $100 Billion Valuation (May 19, 2012):

  • Study Finds Facebook Users Dislike Timeline Format (May 16, 2012):

  • Study Finds 50% of Moms Have Friended Their Children on Facebook (May 9, 2012):

  • Researchers Develop Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale (May 7, 2012):

  • Facebook Study Finds Facebook is a Habit-Forming Activity (April 2, 2012):

  • Facebook Addresses Issue of Employers Requesting Facebook Logins (March 23, 2012):

  • Study Finds People Primarily Use Profile Photos on Facebook to Form Impressions of People (March 8, 2012):

  • Pew Survey Finds Over 60% of Social Network Users Have Deleted a Friend (February 25, 2012):

  • Facebook Includes Users Who Don't Visit Facebook in Active Users Figure (February 6, 2012):

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