E-Ink's BlueChute E-ink Tablet

BlueChute Eink DisplayEngadget has found another attractive think e-ink display that blogs may one day be read on. This one is called the blueChute e-ink tablet.
Until e-ink gets cheap and ordinary people can gaze into their very own super high contrast electronic copy of the NY Times, we'll have to settle for sneak peeks at concept devices like this, E Ink's blueChute e-ink tablet. Even though the exact functionality of the device has yet to be decided -- currently it's functioning as a glorified demo platform -- the blueChute's Bluetooth support and microSD slot would suggest that it could be used to display maps streamed from a mobile phone, or have it display widget-like information from a nearby tethered computer.
Eventually many people will be reading blog posts on portable devices similar to this one. But like Engadget said it won't happen until electronic ink displays become cheap and mass produced. Some of our past posts on e-ink and flexible plastic displays can be found here, here, here and here.

Posted on March 11, 2007

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