Dell Has a Couple Web 2.0 Ideas

Dell IdeastormDell has blogged the launch of its two new Web 2.0 sites: Ideastorm and Studio Dell. Dell Ideastorm is a new Digg-like website that lets people submit stories and vote on stories. Studio Dell is a video website where Dell customers can submit video testimonials. Dell CEO Michael Dell discusses the new websites in this video. Michael Dell says they also want people's thoughts and ideas about Dell products on Ideastorm.

Jason Calacanis has tried to explain that "Kevin Rose did not create the concept of voting" but there will probably still be complaints by some Digg users about Dell's new websites anyway. CyberNet News and Mashable are both expecting a diggstorm to erupt. Yesterday there was a diggstorm following the launch of Yahoo's diggish new Suggestion Board site.

Posted on February 16, 2007

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