Cool Hunter to Launch Print Magazine

Cool Hunter MagazineThe Cool Hunter says they are launching a print magazine in 2007.
Bound for the news stands in 2007, the new 50-60 page monthly glossy Cool Hunter magazine will come free as a tip-on to the world's most prestigious fashion, design and lifestyle magazines. It will also be distributed throughout the world's top boutique hotels as well as our favorite stores and retailers across the globe. A fascinating read, the magazine will be brimming with feature length articles that showcase the best of cool from around the world.

The Cool Hunter magazine launching March/April 2007- a must for those in the know. Donít miss it.
Unlike the Cool Hunter blog, the Cool Hunter magazine is something you can read on one of the multi-colored toilets featured on Cool Hunter. Also being launched under the Cool Hunter brand according to the Cool Hunter site are tv shows and books. The news of a Cool Hunter mag has also been covered on Speakeasy and Coolchiq.

Posted on December 18, 2006

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