Chad Hurley and Steve Chen Acquire Delicious From Yahoo

Delicious LogoYodel Anecdotal announced today that YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen have acquired the Delicious bookmarking technology from Yahoo. Yahoo will continue to manage Delicious for a couple more months before transferring it to Hurley and Chen's new company called AVOS.

Mathew Ingram reports that AVOS wants to use the technology to solve the problem of information overload.

It is a noble goal, but there is nothing in the world that will solve the problem of information overload. This is the information age. There is already more information than anyone can deal with and the volume gets greater each and every day. All you can do is try to find good filters and good sources. Hopefully, Delicious will be improved and become a tool that helps with this process. It is going to have to be more than sharing links and adding tags though, because there is already plenty of that elsewhere and it isn't a very effective filtering tool.

Posted on April 27, 2011

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