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Sir Patrick Stewart Loves the Challenge of Twitter Restrictions (August 17, 2015): Sir Patrick Stewart talks about the beauty of Twitter restrictions and having to refine information to fit in 140 characters.

Twitter Reveals Top Retweeted Tweets of 2013 (January 1, 2014): Twitter has revealed the top tweets of 2013. The top three were all celebrity related.

Hillary Clinton Joins Twitter (June 10, 2013): Hillary Clinton has joined Twitter. She thanks users asmith83 and sllambe in her first tweet.

Oprah Winfrey Forced to Delete Promotional Nielsen Tweet (February 14, 2012):

Ashton Kutcher Turns Over Management of His Twitter Feed to Third Party (November 10, 2011):

Louis C.K. Hates Social Media and Twitter (November 5, 2011):

Sean Parker Plans to Launch Blog (October 1, 2011):

Will.I.Am's Google Plus Profile Gets Google Homepage Feature (September 30, 2011):

Beyonce's Pregnancy Reveal Sets Tweets Per Second Record (August 29, 2011):

Charlie Sheen Seeks Social Media Intern (March 7, 2011):

Perez Hilton Losing Ads Over Miley Cyrus Photo (June 17, 2010):

Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga on Pace to Overtake Ashton Kutcher on Twitter (April 2, 2010):

Justin Bieber Likely to Pass Barack Obama as Most Listed Twitterer (March 26, 2010):

Britney Spears Twitter Account Hacked Again (November 12, 2009):

Jim Carrey's Twitter Bird (November 7, 2009):

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