Buzz Over Possible Microsoft-Yahoo Deal Fading Away

The top story on Techmeme and Megite today is a story that has appeared in the New York Post, Financial Times and elsewhere that says Microsoft is interested in acquiring Yahoo. The early news stories indicated that Microsoft was once again interested in trying to acquire Yahoo because of Google's recent acquisition of DoubleClick. The New York Post article says a $50 billion price tag has been placed on Yahoo buy Wall Street.

There is a lot of buzz about a possible deal but there may not be much to the story at all. Barron's Online blog sums up a Wall Street Journal article about the talks this way:
The WSJ story says "Yahoo doesn't appear interested in a major deal with Microsoft, say people familiar with situation."
It sounds like there were talks between the two companies and they are now over and no deal was made. Yahoo's Jeremy Zawodny blogs that he made an interesting what if post about a Microsoft-Yahoo scenario a few months ago.

Posted on May 4, 2007

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