Blogs Cover North Korea's Nuclear Test

North Korea has apparently tested a nuclear weapon. North Korea's Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il may be pleased with himself but the nuclear test has been frowned on by the rest of the world. Even China has not ruled out UN sanctions. Japan is imposing sanctions and banning North Korean ships from its ports. Some are calling the bomb test a failed Nuclear test or a dud. The Blogometer says the test has not ignited the blogosphere as much as some might have suspected. However, there are still a considerable number of posts about the test and the world's response. Here are some highlights from the blogosphere.

  • North Korea Zone: "Details are very sketchy at the moment, but one thing is clear: this changes everything -- and nothing. On the one hand (if it is all true), North Korea has now joined a very elite club, as the ninth nuclear power -- and the world is a more dangerous place. On the other, very little changes -- no country is likely to respond militarily. So that status quo will remain in place, but with heightened rhetoric and tension."
  • Senator John McCain guest blogged on Captain's Quarters. McCain said, "The worst thing we could do is accede to North Korea’s demand for bilateral talks. When has rewarding North Korea’s bad behavior ever gotten us anything more than worse behavior?"
  • Media Cynic: "So, maybe sanctions. Maybe some tough talk. Maybe nothing. But one good thing has already come out of this: long-time enemies China and Japan have increased contacts and actually had a meeting to discuss what to do about Crazy Kim. Maybe China should talk to the Saudis about that wall they're building to keep the Iraqis out of Saudi Arabia. Because if North Korea does end up in a war with someone, all those refugees are going to head north to China. And that's the last thing that China wants -- more people to feed. "
  • Watchingpolitics says North Korea is now the 8th or 9th nuclear power.
  • TheSkepticOne discusses the "blame Clinton" politics of the GOP.
  • Japundit: "If there is any nation on earth that knows first hand the dangers and effects of nuclear weapons, it certainly is Japan. And tonight, Tokyo has been forced to go back to the table and decide how to deal with the "nuke" kid on the block."
  • Powerpundit: "Jimmy Carter always comes along at the worst possible moment for Democrats. Here he comes again with the claim that he "solved" the North Korean nuclear crisis in 1994, and that George W. Bush and his administration have by themselves caused the situation to decay."
  • Donklephant is asking what really happened with North Korea's nuclear program.
  • WSJ blog catches President Bush mixing up a poker metaphor.
  • DPRK Studies has a roundup of blog posts about NK's Nuke test. The roundup includes posts from OneFreeKorea, USinKorea, The Marmot's Hole and Yeohaeng Igli.
  • For more views from bloggers living in Korea or Korean bloggers living outside Korea you can visit the blogs on this list.
  • President Bush once asked Bandar, "Why should I care about North Korea?" (via Think Progress)
  • Pajamas Media has a roundup.
  • The Liberal Avenger: "It seems as though Mr. McCain has joined the finger pointing right and is blaming the Clintons for not doing enough in Korea. Yes, they may have tested a nuclear weapon. Though, reports show that it was not the grand American standard nuke. Nope, a tiny glitch, on a large scale."
  • Michelle Malkin says that half of our country is in range of the Taepo Dong 2.
  • Defense Tech calls the test a dud: "There is lots of data floating around: The CTBTO called it 4.0; The South Koreans report 3.58-3.7. You're thinking, 3.6, 4.2, in that neighborhood. Seismic scales, like the Richter, are logarithmic, so that neighborhood can be pretty big. But even at 4.2, the test was probably a dud."
  • Finally, an Onion classic, Kim Jong Il Unfolds Into Giant Robot.

  • Posted on October 11, 2006

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