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  • New York Post's Richard Johnson: Blogs are Parasites (March 26, 2008):

  • Greg Gutfeld at Fox News Bashes Blogs (December 16, 2007):

  • Sports Analyst Stephen A. Smith Bashes Bloggers (December 11, 2007):

  • Columnist Calls Blogging Air Guitar Journalism (May 7, 2007):

  • Twitter Pessimism and Exponential Growth (March 26, 2007):

  • Times of India Article Attacks Bloggers (October 8, 2006):

  • Jared Leto Wants Blogging to Die (September 24, 2006):

  • Perfect Blog Entries for Popular Blogs (September 6, 2006):

  • PC Advisor Accuses Bloggers of Navel Gazing (August 17, 2006):

  • Gladwell Calls Blogs Parasites That Feed on Newspapers (June 28, 2006):

  • Henninger: The Blogosphere is a Dark Ride With Crazy People (April 22, 2006):

  • Blogosphere Will Not Be Beaten By MySpace, Digg, YouTube,, Etc. (March 3, 2006):

  • Launches Blog to Go Along With Blog Bashing Article (February 21, 2006):

  • Columnist Compares Blogs to Minesweeper (February 18, 2006):

  • Another Columnist Loathes Blogs (February 13, 2006):

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