Blogosphere Highlights 5-30-05

  • Robert Scoble has decided to make himself less informed by only reading full-text RSS feeds. Meanwhile Chris Pirillo says full-text feeds are dead.
  • In France blogs are bloc notes.
  • Here is the Hitchhiking Blogger's Guide To IBM Blogs.
  • Tribune has a blog. Steve Rubel says the blog was a private Tribune blog about online news that was opened up to the public earlier this month.
  • has a Jeff Jarvis interview.
  • Nike wants bloggers to design shoes.
  • The New York Daily News reports that a blog post by the victim helped find the suspected murderer.
  • Jeffrey Veen discusses the usability of subscribing to feeds.
  • Doc Searls notes that John C. Dvorak has a blog. See our earlier post about Dvorak's comments about A-list bloggers.
  • Categories have been added to our blog and one of the categories is blogging. The blogging category contains some blogging news that goes back to June, 2003 if you are curious about some earlier blogging news. This blog,, debuted in February, 2005.
  • AdWords has a blog.
  • has new trend graphs that track mentions in blogs over time.
  • Several food bloggers have united to write a book.
  • Dennis M. Kennedy offers a FAQ on using blogs for legal marketing.
  • ProBlogger has an entry about how to name your blog.
  • Russell Beattie wonders if anyone has started an RSS-Only blog.
  • SMU lecturer gets good and bad feedback for writing a revealing blog about college life.
  • Dave Taylor provides help for people trying to keep track of who is blogging about them.
  • Corante's Many 2 Many and You're It report that Feedster is adding a Tag This feature that bloggers can put on their blogs to allow their readers to anonymously tag individual posts.
  • The OJR reports that the L.A. Times now has a five blogs.

  • Posted on May 30, 2005

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