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Home | Blog Network Links

Below is a list of some of the many blog networks including both mainstream media blogs and independent blog networks. Where possible we have given the number of blogs in the network.

  • 451 Press (300+), independent blog network with over 300 blogs

  • 9 Rules (100+), independent blog community and network

  • ABC News (18), over a dozen blogs including Bizarre Bazaar and Exclusiva

  • (3), blogs can be found on the right hand side of the page.

  • (100s), hundreds of blog-like channels powered by Movable Type

  • (6), the Albuquerque Journal offers six different blogs.

  • Blogs (13), blogs from several alabama newspapers.

  • AllBusiness Blogs (23), a business blog network

  • AlwaysOn, business and technology blogs

  • Aratso, Inc. (7), independent blog network

  • Arizona Daily Star (15), several sports, news and entertainment blogs

  • ArtsJournal (23), provides over twenty arts-related weblogs

  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution (50+), scroll down and look in the columns for the blogs.

  • Austin360 Blogs (13), several city blogs maintained by the Austin-American Statesman.

  • B5media (100+), network of bloggers covering the subjects they are most passionate about

  • Baltimore Sun (10), blogs from and

  • (7), blogs at Beliefnet including Blog Heaven and God's Politics.

  • BizNicheMedia (15), network of business and financial blogs

  • Blog Communications (14), a blog network owned by Techtonian

  • Blog Louisville (22), regional blog network

  • Blog Media, Inc. (12), independent blog network with 12 blogs including the Blog Herald

  • (19), entertainment and gaming blogs from IDG

  • Bloggy Network (15), independent blog network

  • Blogo (29), Italian blog network

  • (17), independent blog network

  • Blue Fish Network (12), independent blog network

  • Bored Housewives Network (11), network of blogging housewives

  • Boston Herald (27), the Boston Herald has over two dozen blogs written by journalists.

  • Boston Web Properties, a network of Boston bloggers

  • BOTW Media (24), independent blog network

  • Bubble 2.0 Snark Group (3), independent blog network

  • Business2.0 Beta (16), a network of business, media and tech blogs

  • (14), business and tech blogs from BusinessWeek including Blogspotting.

  • (8), blogs from the National Post on

  • Chicago Tribune (14), the Chicago Tribune has over a dozen blogs covering news, sports and entertainment

  • Christian Science Monitor (5), the Monitor has several blogs and lots of web feeds.

  • CIO Blogs (10), blogs from CIO magazine covering business and technology

  • City Pages (16), blogs for the City Pages paper in Minneapolis and St. Paul

  • Clear Digital Media (13), an independent network of blogs and websites

  • CNET Blogs (33), a network of tech-related blogs from CNET. Includes Blogma

  • Columbus Dispatch (3), three blogs from the Columbus Dispatch

  • (9), nine local blogs. see bottom right side of homepage

  • Corante (23), blogs about technology, business, law, science, and culture

  • (7), blogs from the Hartford Courant.

  • Courier-Journal (31), the Courier-Journal has several sports blogs including fan blogs.

  • Creative Weblogging (53), independent blog network

  • Curbed (6), urban blog network

  • Daily Pixel (10), independent blog network in Canada

  • Dallas News Blogs (16), the Dallas News has a small network of blogs covering local news

  • Dayton Daily News (50+), the Dayton Daily News has over fifty local blogs

  • (17), blogs from the Delaware News Journal covering sports and local issues

  • Denver Post Bloghouse (10), blogs from the Denver Post plus links to other Denver bloggers.

  • Designorati (11), independent blog network

  • Detroit News (30), the Detroit News' blogs covering sports, news, health and more

  • Dotmarketer (4), independent blog network

  • Duct Tape Marketing (23), business blog network

  • Elliott Back (15), independet blog network

  • ERE Blog Central (13), A network of recruitment and human resources blogs.

  • ESPN the Magazine (10), a network of sports insider blogs

  • (5), independent blog network

  • (dozens), big network of college football blogs

  • Fanhouse, sports blog network started by aol

  • Fine Fools (21), independent blog network

  • Fired Up America (4), independent political blog network

  •, several blogs at the boottom of the homepage

  • Frenetic Network (2), network of tech and photo blogs

  • Freshdaily (4), blog network starting with Canada city blogs

  • Gartner (7), blogs from the research and analysis firm

  • Gawker Media (15), independent blog network that includes, Wonkette and Gizmodo.

  • GigaOM (3), a network of technology blogs

  • Glam Media (10), Network of beauty and fashion blogs.

  • Go Internet Sales (7), independet blog network

  • Gothamist Network (13), network of city blogs.

  • (3), independent technical blog network

  • Haimson Group (9), technical blog network

  • (16), independent blog network

  • High Tide (12), independent blog network

  • History News Network (10), a history news network with ten history blogs

  • Houston Chronicle Blogs (21), blogs from the Houston Chronicle

  • IndieWire Blogs (10), a collection of film blogs

  • (4), blogs can be found in the opinion section on the hompage

  • Information Today (5), Information Today has several blogs covering information technology

  • Information Week (4), several blogs including the Information Week blog.

  • Inside Line (6), network of automotive blogs

  • Instablogs (42), independent blog network

  • (4), the Island Packet in South Carolina offers four blogs.

  • iVillage (4), iVillage, a website for women, has four different blogs.

  • Jerusalem Post Blog Central (23), blog network from the Jerusalem Post newspaper

  • Journal Times Online (10), blogs from the Journal Times including several sports blogs

  • JSOnline Blogs (9), the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel offers nine blogs.

  • (2), two blogs from the the Lexington Herald-Leader's website

  • Know More Media (37), independent business blog network

  •, blogs are located on the bottom left side

  • Law Professor Blogs (25), a network of blogs by law professors.

  • Blog Network (16), a network of legal blogs

  • Level9 Media (5), independent blog network

  • Light Reading (9), Light Reading, a technology website, publishes nine blogs

  • LiveScience Blogs (10), a network of science blogs

  • Lockergnome (22), independent blog network

  • LoHudBlogs (31), a collection of blogs from the The Journal News

  • MacWorld (6), blogs from the editors of Macworld

  • Marvel (11), Marvel publishes about a dozen blogs covering comics and games

  • Blogs (15), blogs from the Morning Call Online

  • Media Bistro (6), several blogs including the Fish Bowls for NY, L.A. and D.C.

  • Mediarati (3), niche blog network

  • Mercury News (12), blogs from the Mercury News in the Bay Area.

  • (33), an independent network of city blogs

  • Miami Herald (23), the Miami Herald's blogs include Dave Barry's funny blog

  • Mink Media (6), independent blog network based in the U.K.

  • Mom and Pop Blog Network (75), this network links dozens of blogs written by parents

  • Money Blog Network (6), a network of Internet personal finance bloggers

  • Monkey Outta Nowhere (7), independent blog network

  • Ms. Magazine Blogs (3), Ms. Magazine has a few blogs.

  • MSN Filter (5), the filter blogs from MSN.

  • Blogs (11), blogs from MSNBC and NBC News.

  • (16), this San Antonio news site has over a dozen blogs

  • Nature (3), blogs from Nature magazine include Nascent and two other blogs. See left hand side of homepage

  • NBA Blog Squad (15), blogs from the NBA which include celebrity and fan blogs

  • Blogs (12), twelve blogs covering networking and tech.

  • New York Observer (6), six blogs including the Media Mob and Politicker

  • Blogs (8), the News-Record's collection of blogs.

  • Niner Niner (16), independent blog network

  • O'Reilly Developer Blogs, tech blogs from the computer and tech book publisher

  • (4), the website for the Akron Beacon Journal offers four blogs

  • OJR (2), so far they have a news blog and an editor's blog

  • Open Source Media (OSM), a network of bloggers and journalists. formerly Pajamas Media

  • Orange County Register (12), a dozen blogs at

  • Palm Beach Post (22), the Palm Beach Post has over twenty blogs and a podcast.

  • Papermag Blogs (3), blogs covering media, fashion and stuff

  • (3), three blogs are available from PC World including Techlog

  • Philadelphia Weekly (6), a collection of six blogs from the Philadelphia Weekly

  •, several blogs can be found in the Philly Talk section

  • (6), six staff blogs plus links to other local bloggers

  • (7), a New York City based podcast newtork

  • Popular Mechanics (3), three blogs covering auto, science and technology.

  • Poynter Online, several blogs/columns including Romenesko's blog and E-media Tidbits.

  • Progressive Christian Blogger Network (107), a network of christian bloggers

  • Project D.U. (30), independent blog network

  • (4), blogs from the Providence Journal

  • RareVibe (11), independent blog network

  • Reelblogs (3), video blog network

  • Reuters Blogs (20), Reuters blog entries can be viewed all on one blog or by theme, event or journalist

  • Revenews (25), a network of business, ecommerce and marketing blogs

  • Blogs (4), four blogs from the Roanoke Times' website

  • (3), blogs from the Rocky Mountain News.

  • Sacramento Bee (3), bee blogs from the Sacramento Bee

  • Salt Lake Tribune (12), has twelve blogs include a photographer and journalist in Iraq.

  • (48), a network of dozens of science-related blogs

  • SciFi Podcast Network, indepedent podcasting network focusing on science fiction

  • (7), several blogs can be found on the bottom right column of the homepage.

  • Seeking Alpha (15), business and investment blogs

  • (3), Three blogs so far: the Culture Blog and two sports blogs.

  • Shiny Media (11), independent blog network based in the U.K.

  • (13), several blogs from the Union Tribune.

  • Social Media Group (22), independent blog network with French and German blogs

  • Solostream Global Media (9), independent business blog network

  • Spoke Media (3), includes girlspoke, boyspoke and decentcontent

  • Spokesman Review (40), has about 40 blogs including Mount St. Helens watch

  • (25), newspaper blog network

  • Sports Cartel (26), independent sports blog network

  • SportsBlog Nation (39), a network of dozens of sports blogs

  • (5), A blog network containing blogs on different sports.

  • St. Petersburg Times Online (17), this newspaper has lots of blogs including a directory of local bloggers.

  • (7), the Star Telegram in Fort Worth, Tx has several blogs.

  • (23), independent blog network

  •, blogs from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

  • Sugar Publishing (4), Sugar publishes four different targeted at women readers

  • (6), several blogs including a hurricane weblog.

  • Syntagma Media (4), independent blog network

  • (2), at least two sports blogs found on homepage

  • TechCrunch (9), a network of technology blogs

  • TechWeb Blogs (16), pipeline blogs covering different tech industries

  • The Age (4), the Age in Melbourne has four blog so far. See bottom right corner.

  • The Deal (5), the Deal's network includes five business and technology blogs

  • The Free Lance-Star (9), blog network for the newspaper and

  • The Guardian (9), the Guardian's (UK) blog network

  • The Morning Call (9), offers nine different blogs.

  • The Podcast Network (40+), a network of dozens of podcasts in categories including business, tech, general and lifestyle.

  • (5), the New Tribune in Tacoma, Wa offers five blogs.

  • (3), this South Carolina paper has two blogs and a photo blog

  • (2), starting a blog neighborhood beginnging with Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish and the Daily Rx blog

  • TMPCafe (10), blog network that includes Talking Points Memo

  • Toronto Star (8), the Toronto Star's network consists of eight blogs

  • (5), several blogs on the right side of the homepage.

  • USA Today (5), five blogs including Pop Candy and Kevin Maney's blog

  • Variety Blogs (4), film and entertainment blogs from Variety

  • VH1 (5), VH1 publishes several entertainment blogs and podcasts

  • Village Voice (5), the Village Voice offers five blogs

  • Washington Post, blogs and columns are mixed together.

  • Web 2.0 Workgroup (20), independent blog network

  • Webby Media, blog network started by Omar Al-Hajjar

  • Weblogs, Inc. (80), large blog network recently acquired by AOL

  • WebMD Blogs (9), blogs by health experts

  • Well Fed Network (9), a blog network covering food and wine

  • Wired Blogs (9), nine blogs include Bruce Sterlings' Beyond the Beyond

  • Writers Write, Inc. (23), Network of blogs and websites. The parent company of

  • Wunderground (3), network of weather blogs

  • ZDNet Blogs (22), tech blogs from ZDNet

    Total Blog Networks Listed: 198
    Last Updated: 7-25-07

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