Blogging Valentine's Day 2007

Happy Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day doesn't seem to have made it into the top search keywords at Technorati this year but it is in several of the top tags. There are nearly 100,000 photos tagged Valentine on Flickr. Here are some highlights from the blogosphere.

Google Valentine's Day 2007
  • Googe? Did Google forget its "L" today in its holiday logo? Thanks Scattered and Adrants for noticing this.
  • Social Signal has a Web 2.0 Valentine (hat tip Beth's Blog)
  • The Daily Intelligencer shows a photograph of a packed Godiva store in New York.
  • A mail order crocodile is a weird Valentine's Day gift.
  • TruthBook lists ten nonromantic love stories.
  • 6,124 couples kiss in a simultaneously midnight kiss thing.
  • There's a Victoria Secret bag inside CNN's Sex Fridge.
  • Kineda wants to know where all this Valentine's Day pessimism is coming from? If you are sick of Valentine's Day then you can blast away at candy hearts, teddy bears and chocolate fondue in this online shooting game.
  • Nutmeg the guinea pig is surrounded by candy hearts at Cute Overload.
  • It's a good day to be heart healthy. Dr. Charles investigates a study of women's hearts.
  • Violence is keeping people from Valentine's Day shopping in Baghdad.
  • A house decorated for Valentine's Day. Will this become a trend?
  • The Cheater's Guide to Valentine's Day. A shocking article with quotes from some cynical and disgusted retailers.
  • Learn how to find your mobile Valentine with this helpful GigaOM post.
  • Dethroner has a roundup of Valentine's Day Cards found online include these Star Wars valentines.
  • Red Jenny V-Day Link Roundup includes green Valentine's Day suggestions and a candy heart match-up quiz.
  • The Knut Hut says, "Like Mother's Day, I think Valentine's Day is a cop-out day for those who fall pathetically short of making their loved ones feel special all the other days of the year."
  • TV Squad reports on five great tv couples.
  • Sci Fi Tech has ten V-Day gadget gift ideas.
  • on the business of love (via Business Pundit). See also How Valentine's Day Works.
  • Shiny Shiny lists some of the most unromantic ringtones. If you prefer something more positive there is this list of the 100 greatest love songs. (via Betsy's Page).
  • Be Something has the top ten Nintendo romances. (via Joystiq).
  • Blog Fabulous doesn't really like chocolate and her husband may not know. "I also don't believe that he realizes that after all of these years, I really donít like chocolate!" (via b5media)
  • Rose givers do you know the meanings behind all the different rose colors?
  • Logic+Emotion looks closely at the color red. "Red is a passionate color. Most people have fairly strong feelings about it either way (positive or negative)."
  • Best Week Ever: Happy Valentine's Day from The Office.
  • Make your own V-Day hearts with the ACME Heart Maker.
  • Video Valentines: YouTube teamed up with Herbal Essence for its Dump Cupid videos. Metacafe offers Romance 2.0. Lisa Nova offers some Valentine's Day dont's. And SNL provides Valentine's Day with the Cheneys.
  • Newsarama blogs that this is the Greatest Valentine's Day Ever thanks to a new Spider-Man Potato Head product.
  • Tara C. Smith at has blogged about some vintage posters that raise awareness about the other VD: venereal disease for Valentine's Day.
  • The worst Valentine's Day gifts.
  • Send a kiss stamp with a celebrity kiss print or your own kiss print.
  • Send funny phone calls or emails using Britney Spears' voice.
  • Send a Valentine's Day GeoGreeting.
  • - a honeymoon in space. Boing Boing explains.
  • Lifehacker's v-day roundup includes how to avoid sleeping on the couch and advice about how to personalize candy hearts.
  • Hersheys is celebrating 100 years of Hershey's Kisses. You can also find out how Kisses are made.
  • PSFK explains what a Valentine's Day Flash Snog is. So does Urban Junkies.
  • Watch out for V-Day spam messages. Some of them contain trojan viruses.
  • Blue Mountain issues some weird political cards that ridicule only the Democratic party.
  • Send your cheesy Valentine's playlist to Buzzfeed.
  • Vermont Teddy Bear is the king of creative Valentine bears.

  • Posted on February 14, 2007

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