Blogging the Oscars 2008 Part I

OscarsThere's far less buzz for this year's Oscars than there was in 2006 and 2007. The 100-day writer's strike may have helped to dampen the buzz. During the strike we weren't sure if there would even be an oscars. Writers are now back at work but there hasn't been much time to hype up the Academy Awards. Another big problem this year is that most of the films nominated for awards have been seen by very few people. When you look a last year's list of winners you see films you recognize but this year's nominees are filled will films that many people have not seen. And another problem that may make these Oscars less memorable is the threat of a wind-driven rain. At least there will be a tent to protect the red carpet and plastic to cover the giant Oscar statues. Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood Daily writes in her blog that it is "best to expect the worst Oscars ever." If you lower your expectations enough it still might be a fun night. Here are some highlights from the blogosphere.

  • CNN asks does anyone care this year? Yes, the marketers are very happy.
  • Jon Stewart is hosting this year's Oscar presentation on ABC. That may draw viewers. He's not afraid.
  • The Internet has become widget obsessed and the website has a widget for those needing another widget for their blog or MySpace site.
  • Need tons of Oscar data? You get a downloadable CSV file of Oscar Nominees and Winners from 1927-2006 here.
  • The New York Times Carpetbagger blog describes that rain that is on the way to ruin the night.
  • Variety looks at the Oscar bump for the nominated films.
  • Tom O'Neil at L.A. Times Gold Derby blog predicts a Clooney upset.
  • ABC News has some of this year's hot trends. has some jewelry trends.
  • There may be a scientific formula for which films get nominated.
  • Showbiz Spy blogs that Angeline Jolie and Jennifer Aniston will come face-to-face at a pre-Oscars party.
  • Sicko director Michael Moore oddly wants to bring resigned Cuba leader Fidel Castro to the Oscars.
  • Simon Doonan from the New York Observer thinks Valentino will dominate this year's Oscars red carpet.
  • VH1's blog says Paris Hilton was banned from attending the Oscars.
  • Wired takes a closer look at some of the year's nominated Afghanistan and Iraq War documentaries.
  • Another sign there is less buzz. Some of those Oscar blogs we linked to last year (scroll to end of post to see) have less coverage, little coverage or no coverage this year.
  • What in the world do teenagers think about the Oscars? Cinematical asked some teens to find out.
  • Make it Work Meryl: Tim Gunn is hoping actress Meryl Streep can make it work at the Oscars this year. He's a little worried after what she wore last year.
  • IndieWire blogs that the Coen Brothers are posed for a big night. No Country Old Men is nominated for eight awards.
  • Defamer says Kevin O'Donnell is the the Susan Lucci of the sound-mixing set.
  • Cinematical offers a list of flicks that should have won Oscars.
  • Look at this Oscar fashion from a post on It's Oscar the muppet fashion.
  • Screenwriter Diablo Cody (Juno) is going to wear Stuart Weitzman's million-dollar shoes to the Oscars. (via Defamer). Or maybe she isn't? Diablo already scored at the Independent Spirit Awards..

  • Posted on February 24, 2008

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