Blogging April Fools

Here are a few of the many April Fools related entries and spoofs occuring today.

  • Google's New Ad Sizes
  • MSN Search Spoof (via InfoWorld)
  • Google Rooms
  • Google launches a new service called Google Romance
  • The Top 100 April Fool's Jokes of All Time. You've gotta love that Spaghetti Harvest that fooled people into wanting spaghetti trees. Taco Bell buying the Liberty Bell is a good one as well.
  • Technorati's Search Results have included Emo, Microsoft Bob, Blah blah blah-o-sphere, OMGROFLOLWTFBBQ!!1!, Next busy Disney, Cheney 2008, Pointcast and Steve buys Steve.
  • New Gadget: The iZilla Media Monster.
  • Slashdot's OMG Ponies via Web Search
  • Microsoft buys
  • A $1 million reward for finding Paris Hilton's missing dog.
  • Goop, new Web 2.0 startup
  • IWOOT Memory Stick (via April Fools Pranks)
  • DeathHacker
  • Scoble is leaving Microsoft to work at Google. Jeremy Zawodny is also going to google. Matt Cutts is leaving Google for Yahoo. Jason Calacanis is leaving AOL for Google.
  • Blog Media purchased 9 Rules. More here.
  • Wizards of the Coast launches the My Little Pony RPG.
  • Alien Visitors on Google's Area 51
  • More Cowbell: The Cowbell Hero Game
  • PepperRubel (via hyku)
  • New from Rockstar: Grand Theft Auto: Chicago
  • China buys Google
  • Yahoo buys Dogg

    These are all April Fool's fakes. But those hot new designer sunglasses for flies -- those are real. This list of April Fools goofs just scratches the surface. Wikipedia has tons more.

  • Posted on April 1, 2006

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