Bloggers Cover RadioShack Email Firings

RadioShack Corp. shocked employees when it decided to fire 400 of them via an email message. ABC reports that the email said, "The work force reduction notification is currently in progress. Unfortunately your position is one that has been eliminated." Nice personal touch RadioShack. Here are a few highlights from bloggers discussing the email firings.

  • Make the Logo Bigger says RadioShack embraced new media with the firings. "While this isn't the first time a company fired someone via email, 400 all at once is pretty ballsy."
  • Angella with an extra L has titled her post about the incident, "RE: You're Fired." We are also curious about what the replies to this email looked like. Maybe, "Are you @!#?!@! serious?"
  • Strategic HR Lawyer blogs that this is NOT the way to fire your employees. "So what happened to 'we're sorry to see you go; this is a difficult decision; thanks for all of your hard work?' What about the telephone? This is actually a store that sells them, so I can't imagine they don't have them!"
  • Angela Gunn at Tech_Space writes, "I hope the management team that approved this approach gets their own unemployment notices in a more old-fashioned fashion. How about some of Doc Martens' finest applied directly to the buttal regions? I'll bet I can find 400-odd volunteers."
  • Real Tech News notes that workers were told to expect email layoff notices. Somehow that's even more insulting.
  • So far no one has brought back the story of former RadioShack CEO David Edmondson who lied in his resume so we will. The link is here.

    Posted on August 30, 2006

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