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A tough day in New York. Thousands of transit workers have gone on strike leaving millions of New Yorkers stranded. Traffic is a nightmare as more people drive to work. Transit Strike posts have soared to over 2,500 posts and it is the second most popular search on Technorati as of this writing. Here are some highlights from the blogosphere:

  • Metroblogging NY has ongoing strike and traffic coverage.
  • Boing Boing has a little Transit Strike roundup.
  • Gothamist has a Transit Strike 2005 logo and already has a couple posts about it including this post.
  • Curbed offers a roundup of headlines from other blogs.
  • Gawker finds Craigslist entries and finds quickly created souvenirs from Blog NYC. They are also taking a poll about what people in the strike zone are going to do with their day.
  • B2Day posts a Transit Strike photo of people waiting.
  • Biking Bis reports that thousands more people are biking to work.
  • Suitably Flip reports on the costs of the strike to NYC: "It's on. After failing to come to a contract agreement with the MTA last night, the Transport Workers Union voted 28-10 to launch their illegal citywide strike on bus and subway lines today, disrupting the commutes of the 7 million New Yorkers they serve. Estimates of the financial hit the city will recognize today alone range from $400 to $660 million. The implications of compromised public safety may be even more serious." Flip also links to this Transit Worker Blog.
  • Gizmodo: Where are the robots when you need them?
  • Jossip calls it New York's worst nightmare.
  • The Apiary says the city is paralyzed.
  • Gearlog managed to find some good news -- they city is purchasing a fleet of 825 DaimlerChrysler Orion VII hybrid buses.
  • Hollywood Elsewhere puts a positive spin on it: "Walking is good for your mind, body and soul. Hardship is always a good thing when it comes to friendliness and community relations and people actually treating each other with caring and good cheer."
  • Some economics blogs are delayed by the strike. (Via The Stalwart)
  • Tim Lauer finds the NY Times Guide to Commuting that uses Google mashups.
  • NewYorkology has a list of webcams.
  • New York Nortons says it is a nice sunny day for a walk. A very cold walk. "Of course it's 22 outside (10 if you count wind chill) and we live 2 1/2 miles from my office."
  • The Wonkster has links to a few sites that may help tomorrow's commuters in NYC.
  • My Life is unimpressed with the striking transit workers: "Transit workers represent the bottom crust of society."
  • Being Reasonable calls the strike a "slap in the face of New Yorkers."
  • The Daily Gotham supports the Transit Strike.

    Update: Jeff Jarvis at Buzz Machine has a post about the transit strike (via Online News Squared). In the post Jarvis writes: "The union broke the law this morning, costing New Yorkers their own pay and businesses their business and the city its tax resources so that its members could keep pensions that most Americans donít have and retire sooner than most Americans could dream of doing and keep inefficient jobs for which there is no need. Thank you for not riding the New York City subway. Have a rotten day." He also points to Craigslist's NYC Ride Sharing entries. The post has tons of comments (90+) which give a good idea about what people think about the strike.

    Second Update: Gothamist reports that the New York Newsday has launched a Transit Strike Blog

  • Posted on December 20, 2005

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