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  • Asian Blog Awards, awards for Asian blogs hosted by Kineda

  • Australian Blog Awards, annual awards for Australian blogs

  • Blog-X Awards, awards for tech blogs from TechWeb

  • Blogathon Awards, awards for bloggers who competed in the Blogathon, a marathon blogging event for charity

  • Canadian Blog Awards, annual awards for Canadian blogs

  • Catholic Blog Awards, awards for Catholic blogs

  • Christmas Blogging Awards, annual awards presented by the Blog Herald for Christmas blogging spirit

  • Edublog Awards, awards for scholarly and education focused bloggers

  • Evangelical Blog Awards, awards for Evangelical blogs

  • Feedster Feed of the Year, annual award from Feedster for the best feed

  • Food Blog Awards, awards for food blogs hosted by the Accidental Hedonist

  • Freedom Blog Awards, awards given by Reporters Without Borders

  • Homeschooling Blogger Awards, awards for bloggers either homeschooling children or being homeschooled

  •, awards for the Indian blogosphere

  • Jewish and Israel Blog Awards 2005, awards for Jewish and Israel blogs hosted by Israellycool and the Jerusalem Post.

  • Koufax Awards, awards for lefty bloggers

  • LOSLI Blog Awards, awards given by the Life or something like it blog

  • Blog Awards, blog awards for marketing and pr blogs

  • Medical Blog Awards, awards for medblogs from MedGadget

  • Okie Blog Awards, awards for Oklahoma bloggers

  • Photobloggies, awards given to photoblogs

  • Podcast Awards, annual awards for podcasts

  • Poker Prof Blog Awards, awards for poker blogs

  • Best Blog Awards, awards for recruiting blogs from

  • Search Blogs Awards, awards for search-related blogs hosted by the Search Engine Journal

  • SmartyBlog Awards, annual awards for Australian blogs

  • South African Awards, annual awards for South African blogs

  • Sports Blog Awards, awards for sports blogs hosted by Red Reporter

  • Superblessed Christian Blog Awards 2005, annual awards for Christian blogs

  • The Bloggies, Annual blog awards

  • The BOBs, annual award for the best blogs in several categories. Includes a special Reporters Without Borders award.

  • Urbs: 2005 Urban Blogging Awards, annual awards for urban blogs from Gridskipper

  • Webby Awards, annual awards for websites that also includes several blog categories

  • Weblog Awards, annual blog awards in multiple categories

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