Blog Awards Roundup: 1-22-06

Here is roundup of some of the blog awards that are still in nominations and voting phases as well as a list of blog awards that have closed and announced winners.

  • We were expecting the nominees for the 2006 Bloggies on Friday, the 20th but the site has this message -> "Yes, I know the finalists aren't here yet. I'm working on it. Massive screencapping is fun..."
  • Voting has closed for the Food Blog Awards. Winners will be announced on beginning January 23rd.
  • The Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards are in second round voting. Final voting will start January 24th.
  • Problogger ran a poll to find out which blog award bloggers like best. Here are the results.
  • Voting is taking place at Battle of the Ad Blogs for the best ad blog in multiple categories. The last day of voting is February 10th.
  • The Blooker Prize continues to take entries until January 30, 2005. Winners will be announced April 3, 2006.
  • Voting has started on the 2006 Australian Blog Awards. Voting closes on the 26th of January, Eastern Australian Daylight Savings Time.
  • The Gunnies, awards for gun blogs, have started because they were left out of the Blogges. Currently in the nominations phase.
  • Nomations are open until January 27th for the Unitarian Universalist Blog Awards. Voting will occur between January 30th and February 10th.
  • The Irish Blog Awards is taking nominations.
  • The Best of Blogs has blog awards in many different categories.

    The following are blogging awards that announced winners over the past few weeks:

  • The Urbs: 2005 Urban Blogging Awards
  • Cliopatria Awards (history blogs)
  • Blog-X
  • Awards
  • Superblessed Christian Blog Awards
  • 2005 Deaf Blog Awards (Via Key Lime Pie Lovers Unite)
  • Search Engine Journal's 2005 Search Blogs Awards
  • 2005 Asian Blog Awards
  • Feedster's Feed of the Year -- the top feed is Workbench
  • 2005 Sports Blog Awards
  • Edublog Awards 2005 Winners
  • KBCafe Blog Award Winners
  • 2005 Weblog Awards

    More blog awards coverage can be found here and a list of blog award links can be found here.

    Posted on January 22, 2006

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